About your Uncle

  How To Buy a Mobile Home or Get a Free Mobile Home"Uncle Zally" or Stu Silver is a multi-millioinaire with almost a 1,000 rental units, and a dozen mobile home parks. He has trained 5,000 people around the world during the last 20 years. 

That's the bucks side of him.

His nickname, "Uncle Zally", came about when his good friend, Steve McKnight, stated while crossing a street in Melbourne, Australia:

"You need some special sauce, like a Big Mac."

Since Stu liked the "Rich Uncle" relationship, because his real nephews and nieces came to him with questions and needing financial advice, that became the first part of his special sauce.

The Zally comes from "Crazy Gersh", his partner and good friend in 4 mobile home parks. Gersh took it from Uncle's Hebrew name, Zalman Velvel.

So there you have it.

Uncle Zally.

And "when Zally is your Uncle, he is your uncle for life."